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Susanne Kessel presents the new piano composition MADEAM by Johannes X. Schachtner in Bonn for the world premiere

The new piano work “MADEAM” by Johannes X. Schachtner is dedicated to the Bonn pianist Susanne Kessel, who commissioned the work for her project “250 Piano Pieces for Beethoven”.

Susanne Kessel will perform the world premieres of all "Piano Pieces" 2020 in public concerts in Bonn, and thereafter in other cities and countries. She is recording all pieces and publishing them as downloads on the internet and a selection for radio and CD recordings. All piano pieces will be released in 2020 in a ten-volume sheet music edition by the London publisher Editions Musica Ferrum as well as individual sheet music downloads. Aside from Johannes X. Schachtner, Moritz Eggert and Samuel Penderbayne, from our circle of our authors, are also taking part. 

The work title “MADEAM” refers to a quotation from Beethoven (“More expression of feeling than painting”), with which he characterized the score of his Symphony No. 6 (“Pastorale”) on the title page of the first print.  

Johannes X. Schachtner writing about this work: “MADEAM is a German acronym for ‘Mehr Ausdruck der Empfindung als Malerei’ (in English ‘More Expression of Sensation than Painting’) - this dictum is the motto at the beginning of the score of Beethoven's 6th Symphony and was chosen by me as the title of a double concerto for violin, cello and string orchestra. 

The three aphorisms of the piano work were created from sketches for this work. The first aphorism presents a fleeting, trivial thought, before the second aphorism expands the harmonic structure it contains: each step of the chromatic ladder is assigned a chord that refers to the key characteristic that is so distinct in Beethoven's work. The third aphorism is a sketch of the middle section of the Double Concerto, which remains in the pastoral key of F major.” 

UA Johannes X. Schachtner, 
“MADEAM” for piano 

Photo: © Dora Drexel

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