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Galina Ustvolskaya Grand Duet for double bass and piano

Hochgeladene Datei

The Grand Duet for Violoncello and Piano, which demonstrates the ascetic expression of Galina Ustvolskaya's musical language, was first performed in 1977 in what was then known as Leningrad. Here, an arrangement of the Grand Duet for double bass and piano, which was presented by the Petersburg double bassist Yuri Gladkov, is being released.

In this composition, as in many other works by this composer, bar lines are missing, resulting in asymmetrical polyphonic constructions that are carried by a haunting rhythm. The beginning is characterized by an energetic movement of eighth notes, sustained over long sequences, with irregularly inserted motifs of strident sixteenth notes that appear in seconds.

The Petersburg composer Boris Tischtschenko once called the atmosphere of this beginning "furious tension".

Galina Ustvolskaya 
Grand Duet for double bass and piano (edited by Juri Gladkow) 
SIK 8893

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