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Performance of Jüri Reinvere‘s concert for 2 flutes, strings and drums in Pärnu

As part of the festival program for the 50th anniversary of the Pärnu Music Festival in the Estonian port city of Pärnu, the concert for 2 flutes, strings and drums by Jüri Reinvere will be performed on July 18, 2020.

The soloists are Maarika Järvi and Monika Mattiesen (flutes), Paavo Järvi conducts the renowned Estonian Festival Orchestra. The work was premiered almost exactly four years ago at the same location. At that time Maarika Järvi and Monika Mattiesen also played, but in 2016 they were accompanied by the Järvi Academy Chamber Orchestra under Arkady Leytush.

The Concerto for 2 flutes, strings and drums was created at Maarika Järvi’s and Monika Mattiesen's request, and belongs to Reinvere’s more “classical” oeuvre. The composer also had the desire to move away from his works, which had in recent years been very intensely connected with texts and plots (works with his own poetry, operas with his own libretti) and to move towards something similar to his Piano Quartet (2015), which was created as pure, absolute music only. Those two works would start a new era in Reinvere’s music. Earlier, Reinvere has often written for the flute (for example, in his Requiem [2009], in which the flute takes a central role).

He uses his own usual flute techniques in his works, which are based in part on his own personal experiences and in part on those of contemporary flute composers, such as Salvatore Sciarrino. Reinvere stressed that his desire was above all to write a flute concerto for two instruments, and not merely a piece for two flutes.

The work is built around the principles of duality and canon. Orchestra is reduced, is very scarce, in order to give space for two delicate instruments. Both instruments develop in different directions, leaving the orchestra as a unifying force. Similar to many Reinvere’s works this concerto works both dispersing its material and combining it - but rather vice versa to Beethoven: first combining, then dispersing. 

The concert has been played by Maarika Järvi and Monika Mattiesen very often (in Kiev, New York, Tokyo and other cities).

Pärnu (Estonia)
Jüri Reinvere: Concert for 2 flutes, strings and drums
Maarika Järvi and Monika Mattiesen (flutes)
Estonian Festival Orchestra, conductor: Paavo Järvi
Pärnu Music Festival 2020 

Photo: © Elly Clarke

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