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Daniel Smutny publishes essay

Daniel Smutny has published a “Phenomenological view of digitalized sampling from a compositional perspective”. The essay titled “Oceane des Scheins” appears on pages 27-33.

Born in Mannheim in 1976, the composer himself describes his text as an “experiment”, as he ventures into elusive music-aesthetics, but also music-philosophical considerations. For Smutny, digitally transformed musical works, which are available on the Internet at any time, present themselves as special phenomena of composed and interpreted music. He argues: “A work, assembled in samples and published on the net, acquires a special ontological status: it already exists before the premiere, and even detaches itself from this social context, which, however, potentially changes the concept of music as a social concept as well. Music is bound spatio-temporally, i.e. without the here and now of its Benjaminian aura...”

Already during his studies with Hans Zender and Bernhard Kontarsky in Frankfurt am Main, Daniel Smutny received invitations from renowned interpreters and organizers such as the Ensemble Modern Forum, SWR, the Berlin Academy of Arts and the International Biennale for New Music. This series of awards for his artistic work continues to this day. Daniel Smutny has also made a contribution to our section “Composers on the Coronavirus Crisis” on this website which is well worth reading.

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