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YouTube-Festival with music by Osmo Tapio Rihl

TampereRaw has now announced their YouTube festival „For Bees And Beings“ 12-14th June 2020). The program is on their Facebook page: 

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Included are the works “(G)astronomia“ for violin and reciter and “Soliloque 1: Étoffé“ für clarinet. Räihälä comments: “I'm really happy to have numerous works presented there. In (G)astronomia there is a separate actress reciting the text. Maria has performed the work by reciting herself, but an actress ‘playing‘ the role of the poem is surely gonna work fine.“

TampereRaw has recorded and filmed all performances in advance in different locations in Tampere, and the „festival“ will be broadcast on 12-14th June on their YouTube channel: 

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photo credit: © Stella Reismaa