Alfred Schnittke‘s son Andrej Schnittke is dead

Andrej Schnittke, the son of pianist Irina Schnittke and composer Alfred Schnittke, who died in 1998, died of heart failure on May 23, 2020 in his mother‘s apartment at the age of 55. He has already been cremated and is to be buried in Moscow next to his father Alfred Schnittke in the Novodevichy Cemetery. He leaves behind a daughter and a grandchild.

Andrej Schnittke, who initially worked as a rock musician and later as a photographer and moved from Moscow to Hamburg with his parents in 1990, has worked on three of his father's works (opera “Historia by D. Johann Fausten“, film music “The Master and Margarita“ and “The Last Days of St. Petersburg“) supplied the electronic music parts.

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