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Two works by Composer in residence Gerald Resch at the Davos Festival 2020

As part of this year‘s Davos Festival, on August 6th Gerald Resch‘s work “al fresco“ for solo cello by cellist Anton Spronk will be performed. On August 9th, the Delta Piano Trio with the trio “And above you the sea” from 2017 by Resch in Davos can be heard. Gerald Resch is composer in residence this summer at the Swiss Davos Festival.

In an introductory text to “al fresco“, the composer says: “'Al fresco' is an attempt to let music grow out of itself without the end of the piece being projected when the compositional work on the writing began. The opposite is very often the case when composing: I usually only start with the definite notation when the course as a whole is already known in contours, so I already know how the piece will end approximately. So with 'al fresco' this was not the case, but the attempt to find really fresh and free - al fresco - music that continues to feel its way (…)“

The trio “And above you the sea“ has three movements:
1. Under a sky of apricots / eating peaches / until you can no longer
2. Feel deceptive / real
3. And above you the sea / foam-braked

Gerald Resch describes the composition in the following words:

“The trio 'And above you the sea' refers to three short poems by Ferdinand Schmalz (winner of the Ingeborg Bachmann Literature Prize 2017). His musical language meanders virtuously between close observation of everyday life and bizarre exaggeration. In my piano trio I try to take up this meandering musically and to redirect and deepen the sound and interaction possibilities of the trio by playing in the piano interior.“

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photo credit: © Anna Stöcher