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1 June 2020 the death of Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk

On 1 June 2020, the Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk died in Kiev at the age of 81. Skoryk became known for his lively and highly varied music and wrote, in addition to numerous symphonic works, musical scores for films such as "Ivan's Tales" and "Fire Horses". His Violin Concerto (1969), the Violoncello Concerto (1983) as well as the virtuosic and elegant Concerto for Orchestra (1972) were widely performed. Also striking is the Hutsul Triptych for Orchestra from 1965, which refers to a mountain people from the Carpathians named "Hutsul", closely related to the Ukrainians.

After attending the music school in Lviv immediately after the Second World War, Myroslav Skoryk, born on 13 July 1938, studied at the Lviv Conservatory with Adam Sołtys and Stanyslav Lyudkevych and from 1960 at the Moscow Conservatory with Dmitri Kabalevsky. Afterwards he worked as a teacher of composition in his hometown of Lviv and from 1960 in Kiev and received numerous awards, including the Taras Shevchenko Prize in 1987. Skoryk remained true to his homeland, however, and in 1999 accepted a chair for Ukrainian music history at the Academy of Music of the Ukraine.  

Known works of Myroslav Skoryk:

Concerto for violin and orchestra (1969)
Concerto for violoncello and orchestra (1983)
Hutsul triptych for orchestra (1965)
"Ivan's Tales" (film music)
"Fire Horses" (film music)

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