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Composers on the Coronavirus Crisis: Slava Ulanovsky

The consequences of the coronavirus crisis move us all. We have asked our composers how these months and weeks affect their artistic work. We will publish their answers successively in this section.

Slava Ulanovsky

(Born in Moscow in 1951, Slava Ulanovsky emigrated to Germany in 1993 and became a member of the German Composers' Association in 1996)

"The coronavirus hit us unexpectedly. Nobody expected this situation and of course nobody was ready for it. There has been a rupture in our society that has severed many connections."

“And it's not just that all gigs and concerts have been cancelled, which is bad enough in itself. It is the fact that premieres and performances of compositions and theatre works not only bring the composer joy, moral and creative satisfaction, but also provide the opportunity for making new contacts. During the rehearsals and preparation for the performance, one meets old acquaintances as well as artists, conductors, directors, choreographers, painters, etc., previously unknown to each individual. During these meetings there is the opportunity to share ideas with each other, frequently providing the impetus to compose a new work, to create a common libretto and do further work on an opera, ballet or musical. Sometimes the performer-virtuosos inspire you to compose a concert with an orchestra or a chamber composition for an instrument with piano.

At the moment performances have been cancelled and meetings do not take place. All this can have a negative effect on the creation of new works. It is a great pity. Meetings with new faces is a cornerstone of every work.” 

Slava Ulanovsky (April 2020)

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