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Composers on the Coronavirus Crisis: Peter Ruzicka

The consequences of the coronavirus crisis move us all. We have asked our composers how these months and weeks affect their artistic work. What they answer will be published progressively in this section as they appear.

Peter Ruzicka

(The composer Peter Ruzicka, born in 1948, is active on the international music scene as composer, conductor as well as artistic director and cultural manager).

"From the first days of the prescribed restrictions on contact, I have been writing a new work, a viola concerto for Nils Mönkemeyer with the evocative title DEPART. It is to be premiered at the Tonhalle Zurich at the end of November this year. And here I falter a little and ask: will concert life then already be fully developed again as if nothing had happened? We cannot say for sure. And so we experience in this time what culture means to us: the tension we experience together, the feeling of closeness, the presence, the listening and reacting together. These are all things that we have to do without at the moment. Actually, for a composer, there is nothing foreign about the isolation of the retreat. And so, with little distraction from the outside, the work is going well. But I do notice, especially now over the Easter days, that my sound language reacts to the distress. I constantly think about finiteness, and so the piece may well be about final things. Will one feel this at the premiere and remember this very special time? We will see - and hear!"

(Peter Ruzicka 12. April 2020)

Photo: (c) Wilfried Beege

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