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Composers on the Coronavirus Crisis: Ferran Cruixent

The consequences of the coronavirus crisis move us all. We have asked our composers how these months and weeks affect their artistic work. What they answer will be published progressively in this section as they appear.

Ferran Cruixent

(Ferran Cruixent was born in Barcelona in 1976. His repertoire includes works for solo instruments, chamber music, orchestral compositions and multimedia art).

"Since March 13th, I've been locked up at home. I must be thankful that I am still healthy. The quarantine caught me in the final stages of working on a 70-minute piece. It is the ballet music 'Oscillation' for orchestra, commissioned by the ballet ensemble of the Theater Heidelberg. The premiere will take place at the beginning of November 2020, hopefully ... I had to hand in the score at the beginning of April. Coincidence or not, the composition has to do particularly with theme "Emergency and Self Organization". Almost tailor-made. At the beginning of the crisis, working on it really put me at rest and helped me a lot to finish the piece. But now I feel as if I'm in shock. The sick pace of life and rushing of society is gone. We hear the birds again. The beaches are clean. A virus has stopped the whole world. Just one virus? The irony of life. Aren't we ourselves like a virus to other living things?


Times can change incredibly fast. The 'system' could not expand any further anyway. The crisis was already in sight. The had virus has appeared just in time like a great leading actor to legitimize the necessary crash. In ignorance of all this, I have written music that has helped me to free myself from this emergency situation. It represents a meditative state and triggers a deep trance. I would almost like to say that one is led back to the origins. But this music also expresses a need for a new life.

Sometimes I am afraid because I do not know yet what the future will look like. But today I see this disaster as an opportunity for us all. We will certainly make the best of it afterwards. We are currently confronted with very essential things and feelings. As people and as a society. I will never forget it. I imagine a new, sincere and loving world for us all. Is that even possible? Or would that be a post-globalist utopia?

Let's stay home so that we are all still present when the time comes and we an go out again.

With love and quiet music from Barcelona."

(Ferran Cruixent 14. April 2020)

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