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Dmitry Smirnov died on April 9, 2020 of a coronavirus infection

In the afternoon of April 9, 2020, the Russian composer Dmitry Smirnov died at the age of 71 from the consequences of his corona disease. He is survived by his wife, the Russian composer Elena Firsova, and the children Alissa and Philip.
Dmitry Smirnov was a student of Nikolai Sidelnikov, Edison Denisov and Yuri Kholopov. While still a student, Smirnov was in contact with Philip Herschkowitsch, a Webern student living in Moscow, who taught him to deepen and expand his knowledge of twelve-tone music without taking over the dodecaphony in all its rigor. In 1976 Smirnov won first prize in the Amsterdam Gaudeamus competition for young composers. He has lived with his family in Great Britain since his emigration in 1991 as a lecturer and freelance composer, where he also died on Thursday.
Through the influence of Denisov, Smirnov succeeded in adopting a unique synthesis of seriality with the expressive Franco-Russian sensualism. The third formative influence was the poetry of William Blake, whose apocalyptic images and fictions were not only the basis for his dramatic works, but characterize Smirnov‘s vocal and chamber music compositions.

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