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Composers on the Coronavirus Crisis: Jan Müller-Wieland

Hochgeladene Datei

The consequences of the coronavirus crisis affect us all. We have asked our composers how these months and weeks affect their artistic work. We will publish their answers successively in this section.

Jan Müller-Wieland
(was born on March 30, 1966 and now lives in Munich, where he teaches as a professor of composition at the Munich Music Academy

"How to deal creatively with the crisis?
Living in the dark. Writing. Like always. Different. And I discover - thanks to my very own four walls - books that I seem to have always had. For example, the Morvan Lebesque's biography of Camus. A great book! In it I find Camus' observation that a country has only one greatness - that of justice.
And Camus' "La Peste"!
Over everything floats a cloud of concern for fellow human beings and peoples' lives. Whether on the Andalusian coast, in London or the old lady in the immediate vicinity, who can no longer visit her husband in the home, which she has been doing every other day for years, travelling each time for almost five hours there and back. Now she hears him sobbing on the telephone. That means he recognizes her voice, knows who she is for minutes. This is where this world crisis gets under my skin."

Jan Müller-Wieland (23 March 2020)

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