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From keyboard ruler to bow dances - Katja Tchemberdji turns 60

The Russian composer Katia Tchemberdji, now living in Berlin, will celebrate her 60th birthday on 6 May 2020.  Her most important works include "Ma'or" for solo clarinet , "Three Dances of the Bow" for violoncello and piano, "Farewell Songs" for four vocal soloists and chamber orchestra, the chamber opera "Max and Moritz" and the so-called Heidelberg Trio for clarinet, violin and piano.

Already at the tender age of seven Tchemberdji was admitted to the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory, where she continued her studies in composition, music theory and piano in 1978.  Her most important teachers were Nikolai Korndorf and Yuri Kholopov. In 1984 Katia Tchemberdji passed all her examinations with distinction. From 1984 to 1990 she taught at the Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow.  Since 1990 she has lived and worked in Berlin. In 2003 Tchemberdji took up an apprenticeship in composition for children and young people at the Paul Hindemith Music School in Neukölln. In great demand as a composer and pianist, Katia Tchemberdji has been invited to numerous international chamber music festivals.  She undertook extensive concert tours as accompanist to cellist Natalia Gutman.   Katia Tchemberdji has received numerous commissions for compositions from renowned musicians and organizers.  Her predominantly introverted, lyrically expressive style develops touching sound effects especially in her piano and vocal ensemble music.  

One of Tchemberdji's most important inventions in the field of piano pedagogy is the "keyboard ruler", which serves as a learning device and toy for piano students.  It helps to test and support the hearing, as well as to find scales, chord progressions and simple melodies on the keyboard and - by moving the ruler - to transpose.