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German premiere of Sofia Gubaidulina's oratorio “Über Liebe und Hass” [On Love and Hate] in Hamburg

The oratorio "On Love and Hate" (2016/2018) was commissioned by the Staatskapelle Dresden, the Stiftung Frauenkirche Dresden, the Philharmonisches Orchester Rotterdam and the Gergiev Festival Rotterdam. Sofia Gubaidulina has set psalms and prayer texts to music, primarily in German and Russian, but also in Italian, French and English. In terms of its musical and textual content, the work is the composer's spiritual reaction to the increasing unrest of our world today.

On May 24, 2020, the German premiere of the oratorio "On Love and Hate" for soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, two mixed choirs and orchestra in an extended version in 15 movements will take place in Hamburg. Of course, the precondition is that the concerts can take place again at this time. Peter Tilling will conduct the Symphony Orchestra Hamburg and the European Choir Academy Görlitz. As soloists Rachel Nicholls (soprano), Michael König (tenor), Christian Miedl (baritone) and Franz-Josef Selig (bass) will perform.

The publishing director of the Sikorski Music Publishers, Hans-Ulrich Duffek, describes the oratorio "On Love and Hate" with the following words: "Gubaidulina sees her earthly life as a pilgrimage, in constant conflict between the real world with its needs and necessities and her soul life, formed by her belief in God, which gives her mental strength, support and creativity.  Her love of God is shown in her love for her fellow human beings, in her sense of justice and her rejection of hatred, war and destruction (...)".

Sofia Gubaidulina, 
“On Love and Hate” for soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, two mixed choirs and orchestra (version in 15 movements)
(Rachel Nicholls, soprano
Michael König, tenor
Christian Miedl, baritone
Franz-Josef Selig, bass
Europa Chor Akademie Görlitz
Symphoniker Hamburg
Conductor.: Peter Tilling)