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Canceled: Premiere of Sofia Gubaidulina’s “The Wrath of God” for orchestra in Salzburg

Due to the corona virus crisis, this premiere has unfortunately been canceled.

The orchestral work “Der Zorn Gottes” (The Wrath of God) by Sofia Gubaidulina, planned for premiere on 6 April 2020 by the Staatskapelle Dresden under Christian Thielemann’s direction, was commissioned by the Salzburg Easter Festival. It is an orchestral work that takes up ideas from Gubaidulina’s most recent oratorio “On Love and Hate”. In the manuscript the composer has dedicated the work “to the great Beethoven”. The fact that it will now be premiered in the year of Beethoven’s 250th birthday and not, as originally planned, earlier in spring 2019, is a happy coincidence.
In the programme book of the Salzburg Easter Festival Habakuk Traber writes on Gubaidulina’s “The Wrath of God”:

“(...) About a fifth of the new composition - the first 72 bars - are taken largely from the (again purely instrumental) part of the oratorio. They contain the basic material and the essential lines of its development. They are then performed in the best symphonic tradition. The piece approaches its listeners in two large waves, both of which begin in the depths of the heavy brass and from there capture the entire orchestra. Its shape resembles a spiral that widens and is increasingly determined by centrifugal forces. For a considerable distance, the second circle follows the model of the first, but gradually takes on stronger dynamics, simplifies some structures (such as the simultaneous guidance of the rhythmically sharp main motif in the original and mirrored movement) for the sake of compelling elegance, condenses, accelerates, and rotates in itself towards the end. The title explains and fulfils itself through the effect of the music, it does not need any paraphrasing words”.
(Habakuk Traber)

UA Sofia Gubaidulina,                                  
“The Wrath of God” for orchestra
(Staatskapelle Dresden               
Conductor.: Christian Thielemann)                        
– A work commissioned by the Osterfestspiele Salzburg –

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