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Postponed to September 2020: Estonian Music Days 2020 with Jüri Reinveres Saxophone Quartet

The world premiere of Jüri Reinveres new saxophone quartet “A-O” will be postponed to September 2020.

Jüri Reinvere wrote a saxophone quartet for the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, which Reinveres believes is the most renowned ensemble for new music in Northern Europe. The premiere will take place on March 30, 2020 as part of the Estonian Music Days in Tallinn.
“For me, this is an exciting opportunity to write chamber music between several large stage and orchestral works and to work in small, detailed forms,” says the composer. “At the same time, it is a great honor to write for this quartet.”
The title of the saxophone quartet “A-O” is an abstract title, but it also refers to the Greek alpha and omega and to the most used vowels in many languages, as the composer notes.
The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet has premiered more than 700 works by Swedish and international composers and published many recordings.

Including Jüri Reinvere,
Saxophone quartet “A-O”
(Stockholm Saxophone Quartet)
- Estonian Music Days -

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