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Mariss Janson's recording of Dmitri Shostakowich‘s 10th symphony in the best list of the German Record Critics‘ Prize

In the current best list of the German Record Critics‘ Award from February 2020, the recording of Dmitri Shostakovich's Symphony No. 10 in E minor op. 93 with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Mariss Jansons
is one oft the highlights. The album was released on February 14, 2020. Latvian conductor Mariss Jansons died in St. Petersburg on November 30, 2019. He had headed the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2003 as chief conductor.

The jury's reasoning:

“For the conductor Mariss Jansons, Shostakovich‘s symphonies were both a matter of the heart and a challenge throughout his life. Since the composer‘s 100. birthday, he has been present in the catalog with a full recording. The later live recording of the symphony, which was made in 2010, is also part of his artistic legacy: not a superficially pathetic contemporary painting of the Stalin dictatorship, but a confident view of the musical cosmos of this music. The disparate first movement is held together by a tremendous tension, the furious scherzo is a virtuoso music attack. The excellent BR orchestra plays under its longtime, recently deceased boss, highly differentiated in the sound balance, rich in contrast in the temporelations."
(For the jury: Peter Stieber)

Dmitri Shostakovich:
Symphony No. 10 in E minor, op.93
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Cond.: Mariss Jansons
CD BR Classic 900185 (Naxos)