Canceled because of the crisis: RIAS Chamber Choir and Ensemble Resonanz: world premiere of Jüri Reinveres ”The Expulsion of Ismael“

Because of the coronavirus crisis, this performance was canceled:

The Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere chose a biblical theme for his latest work. On March 20, 2020, the RIAS Chamber Choir and the Ensemble Resonanz, conducted by Justin Doyle, premiered his piece ”The Expulsion of Ismael“ for choir and ensemble in Berlin. Jüri Reinvere reports that when choosing the subject, he looked for a topic that was deeply connected with the problems of our time. The choice fell on the expulsion of Ismael from the Genesis. Ismael is the son of Abraham and Hagar, a maid of Abraham‘s wife Sara. He grew up with his father, but was rejected with his mother Hagar when Isaac was born.

Jüri Reinvere describes his work in the following words:

”There will be a lot of drama in this work. It is deeply rooted in humanity and its problems and shows that conflict resolution in history has often only been possible with bloodshed. We can see that when we watch the evening news on TV, even today. It would be nice if we could overcome that. I don't have much hope, but it would be incredibly important.“

Painting by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri

World premiere
Jüri Reinvere,
”The Expulsion of Ismael“ for choir and ensemble
RIAS chamber choir
Ensemble Resonanz, conductor: Justin Doyle

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