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World premiere 2021: Jüri Reinvere’s fourth opera “The Shadow” for Osnabrück

The Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere, who has just received enthusiastic response at the Regensburg Theatre for the premiere of his opera “Minona”, which focuses on Ludwig van Beethoven's presumed daughter, is starting work on his fourth opera “The Shadow”. Its world premiere has been scheduled for June 2021 at the Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück. As in all his earlier operas, Reinvere has again written the libretto for "The Shadow" himself. The two-act opera is based on Hans Christian Andersen's eponymous fairy tale, which describes how an idealistically minded man loses control of his own shadow and is eventually murdered by it. Comparable to Reinvere's operas "Purgatory" and "Peer Gynt", but unlike "Minona" the subject is based on an already existing literary text. "However," says the composer, "The Shadow" will be far more fabulous, far more fantastic than my earlier operas."
The theme of the opera revolves around the idea of how enlightenment and the absence of illusion, rather than bringing more joy to the world, makes life increasingly disenchanted and bleak. However, according to Reinvere, it is also about "how a society without enlightenment is transformed into a post-factual culture with all its dangers of manipulability and blindness to existential threats."
Jüri Reinvere told the Estonian national newspaper "Postimees": "In our society, which strives for pleasure, experience and enjoyment, we have more and more problems with responsibility. Responsibility based on knowledge. Perhaps that is why we so often try to close our eyes. But whether theatre must always be tragic and tell depressing stories is a different question. I think: no. But I think it is precisely those questions that a post-factual society raises that most certainly belong in theatre."

The director of the Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück, Ralf Waldschmidt, comments on the project:
"Jüri Reinvere is one of the most important and versatile composers of his generation. Fundamental questions of human existence always play an important role in his works. Hans-Christian Andersen's dark, literary fairy tale is about the loss of identity, and the search for one's own self in a superficial and inhuman world. The Theater Osnabrück is looking forward to working with Jüri Reinvere and the opportunity to premiere his new work.”

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