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Enthusiastic press comments on Jüri Reinveres opera Minona in Regensburg

The author Egbert Tholl writing in, among others, the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the world premiere of the opera "Minona" by Jüri Reinvere (25.01.2020, Theater Regensburg), in which the Estonian composer makes the presumed daughter of Ludwig von Beethoven, Minona von Stackelberg, the subject of his work:

“(...) His (Reinveres) text reads remarkably un-songful, but in its performance, one understands immediately how Reinvere could already have had the music in mind when writing the words. The man composes iridescently beautiful music, which also due to the fabulous Regensburg general music director Chin-Chao Lin, is free of pathos, but contains a great deal of melos. He layers shimmering lines on top of each other, builds clusters that never stand still, is capable of extremely elastic outbursts. To master the text, he writes songful declamation lines that repeatedly lead into ariose, everything is wonderfully transparent. (...)”
(quoted from: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 28.01.2020, Egbert Tholl)