The literature for piccolo in contemporary chamber music is not extensive. Johannes X. Schachtner has now completed a duo entitled "g.a.p." for flute / piccolo and percussion, which will be premiered on January 31, 2020 by the Geschwister Poindecker in Passau.

Schachtner explains why the work bears the title "g.a.p.":

"'g.a.p.' is the abbreviation for 'Gradus ad Parnassum', which has been used for progressive studies since the Baroque. 'Gap' also stands for 'gap'.
The three retreats for flute / piccolo and small percussion are also intended as such. The theme of these studies is a rhythmic overlay of a triplet and quintolic movement, which develops from sentence to sentence and increases to a virtuoso arabesque. But of course there are always gaps in this sound that is as attractive as it is sometimes sparse, e.g. the absence of harmonics.
In three of the six movements, the 'instrument' is also integrated, which for two hundred years has stood for the successful route to the mountain 'Parnassum': the metronome. ”

Photo: (c) Horacio Alcalá

World premiere Johannes X. Schachtner,
“g.a.p.” for flute / piccolo and percussion
(Geschwister Poindecker)

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