Armenian premiere of Lera Auerbach's “Dialogues with Stabat Mater” in Yerevan

The violinist Chatschatur Almasian and the violist Maxim Novikov are the soloists in the Armenian premiere of Lera Auerbach's work "Dialogues with Stabat Mater" for violin, viola, vibraphone and string orchestra on December 19, 2019 in Yerevan. They will be accompanied by the State Armenian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Constantine Orbelian.

The composer comments on her work:

“My ‘Dialogues on Stabat Mater’ are an experiment. On the one hand, I attempted to re-write selected movements from Pergolesi’s famous masterwork into a kind of concerto grosso for violin, viola and chamber orchestra whilst remaining true to the spirit of the original work, so that an abstract instrumental piece could be made out of a sacred vocal work. On the other hand, I hoped to create a kind of framework in this manner, a dialogue, a new perspective on a well-known subject. And in this dialogue I did not so much want to proceed from the aesthetic differences in culture and harmonic language between the 18th and 21st centuries, but rather from their similarities which, incidentally, are much more fascinating. The image of a suffering mother is universal – like pain, even though the forms of expression may differ according to the religious or cultural background.
A dialogue can take place on different levels. Is it a dialogue between mother and child, beginning and end, musician and public, soli and tutti, understanding and desolation? Or is the difference between vocal and purely instrumental, between sacred and everyday language, between monologue and dialogue perhaps not so great? Every prayer is a dialogue, even if the person being addressed is not present. And whom am I addressing with my work?”

Armenian First Performance
Lera Auerbach,
"Dialogues with Stabat Mater" for violin, viola, vibraphone and string orchestra
(Chatschatur Almasian, violin
Maxim Novikov, viola
State Armenian Chamber Orchestra
Lead: Constantine Orbelian)