“Pay tribute to Beethoven in form, spirit and humor” - Dejan Lazićs S.C.H.Erzo

The new work ”S.C.H.E.rzo” for orchestra by Dejan Lazić will premiere on January 17, 2020 in Indianapolis by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Krzysztof Urbański and has an reference to Ludwig van Beethoven.

Dejan Lazić says:
”In this work I wanted to pay tribute to the great Beethoven in form, spirit and humor - whereby the four capital letters are meant to be playful rather than musical cryptograms with German note names ('S' corresponds to 'Es = E-flat', and 'H' corresponds , B ') and the main melodic and harmonic motif of the work (Es, C, B, E).
For instrumentation, I have not used traditionally paired wind instruments, in addition to the major strings and percussion sections, but each for themselves, which enhances the uniqueness and recognition of the specific and distinctive sound and color of each instrument. This contributed significantly to improving both symphonic and chamber music attributes and characteristics of the contrasting sections of this composition.”

UA Dejan Lazic,
”S.C.H.E.rzo” for orchestra
(Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Ltg .: Krzysztof Urbański)

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