Complete performance of two choral cycles by Lera Auerbach at Wien Modern

On 24 May 2019, the RIAS Chamber Choir performed Lera  Auerbach’s  “Goetia.  72  –  In  umbra  lucis”  at  Berlin’s  Pierre  Boulez  Saal,  conducted  by  Kaspars  Putninš.  The  piece  was  written  specifically  for  this  choir.  The  composer  was  in  attendance.  The  RIAS  Chamber Choir was accompanied by the Michaelan-gelo string quartet. The work’s title refers to a magical language dating from  the  17th  century  describing  King  Solomon’s  72  demons.  As  such,  “Goetia”  is  a  counterpoint  to  Auerbach’s  2016  vocal  cycle  “72  Angels.  In  splen-dore lucis”.Commissioned   by   the   RIAS   Chamber   Choir,   the   Netherlands  Chamber  Choir,  the  Cracow  Singers,  the  Zurich  Sing-Akademie  and  the  Vienna  Modern  Festival, the work will be performed for the first time in  Austria  on  17  November  2019  during  the Vienna  Modern  Festival  in  the  city’s  Minoritenkirche. The  work will be performed by the Cracow Singers, the Vocalforum Graz, the Raschèr Saxophon Quartet and the Quatuor Béla and conducted by Lera Auerbach. The same concert will also include Lera Auerbach’s “72  Angels.  In  splendore  lucis”  for  choir  and  saxo-phone quartet. The performance will feature the Cracow Singers, Vocalforum Graz, Raschèr Saxophon Quartet and Quatuor Béla. Both works will be conducted by Lera Auerbach.

Austrian premiere
Lera Auerbach: Goetia: 72 – In umbra lucisfor Choir and String Quartet
„72 Engel. In splendore lucis“  for Choir and Saxophone Quartet
Cracow Singers, Vocalforum Graz, Raschèr Saxophon Quartet, Quatuor Béla
Director: Lera Auerbach

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