Johannes X. Schachtner orchestrates Fauré’s Requiem for a small Group

Among the themes that play a vital role in Johannes X. Schachtners work are how to approach traditions, composers of the past and their individual works. Among the works Schachtner has arranged and orchestrated are Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s “Psalm 42” cantata. His latest work, “TrioKonversation”, examines the influence of Beethoven’s chamber music.
Schachtner has recently completed a new arrangement of the famed Requiem (1887) by French composer Gabriel Fauré for vocal ensemble, viola, accordion and piano. The concetto:x ensemble will premiere the new arrangement on 10 November 2019 in Wessobrunn in a performance conducted by Schachtner himself. 

Johannes X. Schachtner comments:

“Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem has been a close companion throughout my life, from my early youth. I have conducted the two widely known versions of this work on many occasions. Because of its unusually delicate tone, given that it is a mass for the dead, it is sometimes referred to as a “lullaby of death”.  I have been thinking for a long time about how to intensify this feeling of intimacy. That led to a new version whose instrumentation is a reference to “Petite messesolemnelle” by Gioacchino Rossini. Yet it also puts the vocal parts front and centre of the work. The famous “Pie Jesu” even appears as a solo. This allows the new 6-part vocal arrangement to be performed by solists or in a chamber choir setting with 3-5 vocalists per voice.”

Premiere Gabriel Fauré / Johannes X. Schachtner,
Requiem for vocal sextet or vocal ensemble, viola, accordion and piano   
(Ensemble concetto:x
Conductor.: Johannes X. Schachtner)

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