Finnish premiere of Schachtners accordion piece ‘pasar la calle’

Accordionist Hans Meier is the soloist at the Finnish premiere of the work ‘pasar la calle’ for middle-tone accordion by Johannes X. Schachtner on 6 November in Turku, Finland.

For the piece written in 2017 the composer writes:

"Pasar la calle (walk down the street) - this Spanish term, from which at some point the musical genre, Passacaglia developed, accompanied me for several years. In 2017, the Spanish accordionist Ander Telleria asked me to write a work for his middle-tone tuned instrument. With great pleasure I took this special instrument, which offers so incredibly many colors, in particular through its simultaneously integrated well-tempered register, on a walk ... "

FE Johannes X. Schachtner,
‘pasar la calle’ for middle-tone accordion
(Hans Meier, accordion)