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The Advenio Trio with Lera Auerbach's Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano on CD

The American "Advenio Trio" with Yuliya Smead (violin), Bruce Atwell (horn) and Eli Kalman (piano) has recorded the Trio for violin, horn and piano by Lera Auerbach for the label CENTAUR on CD.
The work was written on the occasion of the 60th birthday of the Geneva couple, Séverine and Ivan Cohen, who are friends of Lera Auerbach. The premiere on 3 July 2014 took place as part of the series of events "Laboratoire musical" in Chène-Bougeries near Geneva, Switzerland.
At the suggestion of saxophonist Bruce Weinberger in August 2015, Lera Auerbach also reworked the horn part of this trio into a tenor saxophone part.

Instead of an introductory text, the composer adds the following poem in the booklet of the CD:

"Ulysses Returns"

Everything loses its colors with Time, even you.
First goes the brightness, that light from within,
when everything seems larger than life,
this childish maximalism, perhaps ...

Everything fades with Time, shrinks in size,
your ambitions, desires ... downsizing is the word.
And suddenly you notice the other shores,
those that werde only a speck on the horizon,
when you startetd sailing back some ages ago,
now they are right in front of you.

But return is marked with sadness,
for every time we come home - a sacrifice is made,
and unknowingly,
we always sacrifice that which is dearest.

(Lera Auerbach)

Lera Auerbach:
Trio for violin, horn and piano
The Advenio Trio

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