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Brother of the composer Johannes X. Schachtner as a premiere performer of the Deviant Dances

The own brother and cellist Simon Schachtner is the premiere soloist of the new work "Deviant Dances" for violoncello and piano by Johannes X. Schachtner. The world premiere, which will be accompanied by pianist Henri Bonamy, will take place on 18 October 2019 in Munich.

Johannes X. Schachtner explains:

"The Deviant Dances, written in 2018, are five short movements for violoncello and piano. Each sentence is based on a material idea that can be described by the word 'deviant' (deviating from the norm).
None of the phrases follow a common dance pattern or a certain associable dance rhythm, but rather this material itself begins to 'dance'. "

UA Johannes X. Schachtner,
"Deviant Dances" for violoncello and piano
(Simon Schachtner, violoncello
Henri Bonamy, piano)

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