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Kazakh premiere of Peter Ruzickas 2nd String Quartet ... FRAGMENT ...

Peter Ruzickas ... FRAGMENT .... Five epigrams for string quartet (2nd string quartet) will be performed by the "Eegeru" ensemble on October 10, 2019 in Almaty for the Kazakh premiere.
The work was created in 1970 under the direct impact of the death of Paul Celan.  "The five epigrams are an attempt to focus very differentiated emotions on the possible form of expression. Music without decoration, without 'implementation': subjectively open musical form ", the composer once described the impulse to this work. "What I had in mind at the time was a 'musique pure', a very crystalline musical language in which every note was measured by its own silence ..."

Kazakh EA Peter Ruzicka,
"…FRAGMENT…". Five epigrams for string quartet (2nd string quartet)
(Ensemble "Eegeru")

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