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Johannes X Schachtner’s More An Expression of Feeling Than Painting, a Commission by the Kronberg Academy Festival

The Bavarian composer Johannes X Schachtner has created a highly interesting work with references to Ludwig van Beethoven entitled, "More An Expression of Feeling Than Painting", concertante stanzas for violin, cello and chamber orchestra. The work was commissioned by the Kronberg Academy Festival 2019. Due to take place on 26 September 2019 in Kronberg, the premiere features performances by the soloists Marie-Astrid Hulot (violin) and Claudio Bohórquez (violoncello). The soloists will be accompanied by the renowned Kremerata Baltica conducted by the composer.

Explaining the title of the work, the composer comments:
“The phrase, “More An Expression of Feeling Than Painting”, which is contained in the preamble to Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, moved me every time I came across the work. For me, it is key to understanding not only Beethoven’s music. While this pastoral symphony is one of the most famous examples of programme music, this work is chiefly concerned with the composer’s attitude towards his fellow humans and to nature. The work is also a utopian vision of humans and nature coexisting.
This very timely aspect of Beethoven’s work was the creative spark for my composition for violin, violoncello and string orchestra. The piece was commissioned by the Kronberg Academy Festival which this year bears the slogan “Searching for Ludwig”, prefiguring the upcoming Beethoven centenary year 2020.
It begins with a short bagatelle performed by both soloists, followed by 11 sections, some aphoristic, with each featuring one key and divided into several stanzas. We progress through the chromatic scale in the style of a Gradus ad Parnassum, exploring the various characteristics of each key before reaching and celebrating a “utopia” in the form of the final key, C major.

World Premiere Johannes X. Schachtner:                                   
“More An Expression of Feeling Than Painting” -                         Conertante Stanzas for violin, violoncello and chamber orchestra          
(Marie-Astrid Hulot, violin / Claudio Bohórquez, violoncello)
Kremerata Baltica; Conductor: Johannes X. Schachtner

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