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Gerald Resch’s opera ‘TitaniaTraum’ at the Taschenopernfestival Salzburg

Stage director Thierry Bruehl compiled central passages from Shakespeare’s Midsummernight’s Dream to a libretto, which Gerald Resch set to music for the  Taschenopernfestival Salzburg. The approximately 20-minute short opera  TitaniaTraum for soprano, countertenor, baritone, and nine instruments deals with jealousy, desire, revenge, and loss of control. After a marital fight Oberon decides to take revenge on his wife, Titania, and to drive her to a mad night of making love to the ass-like Bottom: the events come thick and fast
The performers are the öenm under Peter Rundel, the stage director is Thierry Bruehl.

World premiere Gerald Resch,                                        
„TitaniaTraum“. Libretto by Thierry Bruehl           
(österreichisches ensemble für neue musik; Ltg.: Peter Rundel)

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