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A brass quintet based on Herman Melville: Schachtner’s ‘Bartleby Sketches’

The Ensemble Schwerpunkt will premiere on 24. Septembre 2019 in Munich the work ‘Bartleby Sketches’. Brass Quintet No. 2 by Johannes X. Schachtner for the first performance. The piece is based on the lesser-known story ‘Bartleby’ by Herman Melville, the author of the world literature classic "Moby Dick".

Johannes X. Schachtner explains:

‘Bartleby - to this narrative Herman Melville created last year a full-length, Narratorium 'for speakers, brass quintet and women's choir.
Bartleby, a clerk in a 19th Century New York law firm, refuses, bit by bit, but with no obvious motivation for his work, environment, communication and convention, which inevitably leads to (personal) catastrophe.
At the suggestion of the ensemble focus, I developed from the originally full-length work a kind of concentrate as a wind quintet, in which the essential musical ideas are negotiated.’

UA Johannes X. Schachtner,
‘Bartleby Sketches’. Brass Quintet No. 2 for the Narratorium "Bartleby"
(Ensemble Schwerpunkt )

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