As a Download: Sikorski Magazine

The Spring Issue of the Sikorski Magazine concerns itself with subjects such as “Getting to the Bottom of Music,” Russian Music in Films,” Eroticism in the New Music,” “Grail and Dragon Myths” and many others.

Water has the physical quality of being able to deflect and bend light and sound waves. If we observe the bottom of a crystal-clear lake, we are deluded, for the pebbles and fish that we perceive are not located exactly where we perceive them. The subjects and messages of musical works are rather similar to this. Composers sometimes give them titles that can confuse and mislead us. A number of works by our authors receiving their premieres during the next few months have such titles. We have examined them and tried to get to the bottom of the music, symbolically speaking.

The sensual element also tends towards abstraction in our perception. Many works from our catalogues come to terms with erotic texts and moods in widely differing ways. Often they are only hints which develop a subjugating power and are able to lend impulses to our imagination.

The great myths of history, e.g. the grail and Nibelung sagas or the devil’s sagas frequently adapted in literature also offer nutrition for our imagination. We shall also report on these in this issue.