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Asian premiere of Alfred Schnittkes Polyphonic Tango

The Polyphonic Tango of the Russian composer Alfred Schnittke, who died in 1998, was composed in 1979 for Gennady Rozhdestvensky and the Chamber Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater. The piece is now being premiered in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta under the direction of Ken Lam on 31 August 2019 in Hong Kong.
"It is an attempt to find the middle between joke and seriousness", as Schnittke once described the work" - both in the title, as well as in the performance, between tonality and atonality, between banal consonant and banal dissonant, between pub and concert hall (but in both cases in tails) commutes. "

Hong Kong
Asian premiere
 Alfred Schnittke,
"Polyphonic Tango" for chamber ensemble
(Hong Kong Sinfonietta, cond ​.: Ken Lam)

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