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Moritz Eggerts Oratorio Die Tiefe des Raumes in an Italian first performance

For a long time football was not necessarily a focus of the international music scene, apart from folkloristic attempts by individual kickers and the successful football opera "Playing Away" by the British composer Benedict Mason. Born in Heidelberg in 1965, composer Moritz Eggert and lyricist Michael Klaus changed that in 2005. On September 11, 2005, the so-called oratorio "Die Tiefe des Raumes" was premiered at the RuhrTriennale in Bochum. On August 24, the unique work will be  performed in Toblach for the Italian premiere as part of the Festival of South Tyrol. On the following day, on the 25th of August, the work with the same performers can be heard in the Munich Gasteig.
Why did the composer choose a genre from sacred music for the topic of football? Moritz Eggert explains:
"Of course, oratorios are not necessarily 'sacred', although of course we have made a special merit of approaching aesthetically the classical form of the 'passion', with the 'player' as a Jesus-like figure, and the 'sports reporter' as a species Evangelist. Football is a substitute religion for many people, so associative closeness to the sacred is not difficult. Above all, the ironic potential of such an artificial exaggeration is important to me. "

Ital. EA Moritz Eggert:
"Die Tiefe des Raumes". Oratorio for large orchestra, four soloists, mixed choir and three speakers
(Libretto: Michael Klaus)
- as part of the Festival South Tyrol -
Following performance
Soprano (virtue): Ania Vegry
Mezzo-soprano (vice): Ruth-Maria Nicolay
Tenor (player): Simon Bode
Baritone (journalist): Hans Christoph Begemann
Old-International (voice): Ulf-Peter Schmitt (stage name: Peter Geisberg)
Reporter (voice): Daniel Herzog
Coach (voice): Wowo Habdank
Choir and Orchestra of the Music Academy of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
Conductor: Moritz Eggert
Choir rehearsal: Christian Jeub
Artistic Director: Martin Wettges

Photo: RuhrTriennale 2005

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