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Alfred Schnittke International Academy Founded in Hamburg

The Alfred Schnittke International Academy is the successor to the Hamburg Music Seminar on Max-Brauer Allee 24. It offers diplomas in vocal and instrumental performance, as well as vocal and instrumental pedagogy. The aims of the Academy supported by Irina Schnittke, widow of the composer Alfred Schnittke include international master courses and the establishment of a chamber choir for present-day music of the northeast European cultural area.

Concerts and other events are offered to the public by the instructors, students and international guests in cooperation with the Alfred Schnittke Society and the Concert Hall MBA24. The German Alfred Schnittke Society was founded in May 2007 by Mark Lubotsky as President and Holger Lampson as Vice President. The biography of the great composer is intensively connected with Hamburg. Schnittkes world renown was also due, in no small measure, to his Hamburg publisher Hans-Wilfred Sikorski. Schnittke served as Professor at the Hamburg Academy of Music and Theatre, composed important works for opera and ballet in Hamburg and was also otherwise closely involved with musical life in Hamburg.

Holger Lampson, Director of the Academy, comments as follows: Alfred Schnittke was suited, as hardly any other, to serve a school as a guiding light. His approach was comprehensive, he was able to express himself in the most divergent musical languages, yet always remained utterly individual and of the present day. Today his name stands without question next to great composers such as Mahler, Strawinsky and Shostakovich.