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The prize of Lepo Sumera's composition was awarded to Jüri Reinvere in 2019

On July 21, at the final concert of the Pärnu Music Festival in Pärnu, composer Jüri Reinvere was awarded the Lepo Sumera award by the Estonian Association of Authors and the Estonian Composers' Union.

Lepo Sumera's prize rewards the author's clear development arch, his scale and the musical depth of musical thinking in his work. The award jury included composer Erkki-Sven Tüür, music scientist Kerri Kotta and electronic musician Tammo Sumera.

Jüri Reinvere is an internationally well-known Estonian composer who has successfully synthesized various art forms in his works. The genre richness of Reinvere's music is also characterized by monumentality, often accompanied by an impressive theatricality and very sophisticated instrumentation. Likewise, like Sumera did, he is also interested in the extreme border areas, where the meaning of the elements that make up the music is not unambiguously defined and allows the composer to create surprising dramaturgy.

Jüri Reinvere mentions in his gratitude speech for the prize: “Lepo Sumera, one of my first teachers in music, was a composer who brought us the western world of sound in the late 1980s in Estonia. I remember well how we were sitting and studying the American minimalist scores that he was one of the first to take. How we listened and studied the music of the Polish avant-garde, how we got to know early computer music. But we should not only appreciate him for opening the doors and windows of the West to us - above all, we should appreciate him for his oeuvre, for his freshness and creativity, one of the rarest ever written in Estonia. I'm sure we should appreciate it much more than we have done so far. ”

Candidates for the Lepo Sumera Sound Award were submitted by members of the jury. The laureate appeared in the jury's discussion. Previous laureates have been Tõnu Kõrvits, Helena Tulve and Toivo Tulev. The prize will be awarded from 2016 onwards.

The prize is accompanied by a cash prize of 4,500 euros, which has been presented by the Estonian Association of Authors and the Estonian Composers' Union.

(Source: Estonian Music Information Center)

Photo: (c) Elly Clarke

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