Jüri Reinveres work for trumpet, organ and violin at Bachwoche Ansbach

For Bachwoche Ansbach the Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere wrote a chamber music piece for trumpet, organ and violin. The piece has quite a few Bach references, explains the composer. Nevertheless, it is not a baroque-style concert. Reinvere was particularly interested in the distinctive timbres that result in the instrumentation of the three instruments violin, trumpet and organ. "I would say," said Reinvere, "that the trumpet and the violin ennoble the organ sound."
Reinveres work for trumpet, organ and violin will be premiered on 31 July 2019 in Ansbach. The soloists are Franziska Hölscher (violin), Simon Höfele (trumpet) and Sebastian Küchler-Blessing (organ).

Photo: (c) Elly Clarke

UA Jüri Reinvere,
Works for trumpet, organ and violin
(Franziska Hölscher, violin
Simon Höfele, trumpet
Sebastian Küchler-Blessing, organ)
- Bach Week Ansbach -

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