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British premiere of Lera Auerbachs Icarus for orchestra

The british premiere of Lera Auerbachs Icarus for orchestra wil be performed in Stoek-on-Trent by the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain under Mark Wigglesworth. The work refers to the last two movements of Auerbachs Symphony No. 1 Chimera and was premiered in 2011 as part of the Swiss Verbier Festival.

Lera Auerbach on this work:

"What makes this myth so moving is Icarus' impatience of the heart, his desire to reach the unattainable, the intensity of the ecstatic brevity of his flight and the inevitability of his crash. Had Icarus flown carefully, there would have been no myth. His tragic death has greatness. He poses the question from Daedalus's point of view: how to differentiate between success and failure? Daedalus' greatest invention - the wings that help to fly - was also his biggest failure since it caused the death of his son. Daedalus was brilliant, his wings perfect, but he was also a blind father who never really understood his child. "

UKEA Lera Auerbach,
"Icarus" for orchestra
(National Youth Orchestra of Britain, conductor: Mark Wigglesworth)

further performances:

Saffron Warden

London (BBC Proms)

Berlin (Festival 'Young Euro Classic')

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