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Johannes X. Schachtners Totengebet based on Bachs Actus tragicus

As part of the 6th International Chorbiennale Aachen on June 19, 2019, the new work Totengebet for 2 solo sopranos and choir will be presented. Contrafacture of the Sinfonia of the "Actus tragicus" BWV 106 by Johannes X. Schachtner for the first performance. The performers are the chamber choir Bach Vokal and the youth men's choir EUGA under the direction of Georg Hage.

The composer says about his work:

"Allegedly, only one sentence of Johann Sebastian Bach is handed down: his organ pupil should recite the right words during the game. So closely lie in this instrumental and vocal composition together. This closeness also gives expression to my 'Sinfonia of the Actus tragicus', when the words of the Catholic funeral prayer are now placed on the original Bachian original and the music thus becomes an intimate mourning hymn. "

UA Bach / Schachtner, funeral prayer for 2 solo sopranos and choir. Kontrafaktur the
Sinfonia of the "Actus tragicus" BWV 106
(Chamber Choir Bach vocal and youth men's choir EUGA, conductor: Georg Hage)
- 6th Int. Chorbiennale Aachen -