Hierarchy for 2 ensembles by Moritz Eggert in Erfurt

New, imaginative pieces by the Heidelberg-born composer and pianist Moritz Eggert bring the music scene again and again in tense anticipation. Only at the beginning of May was his new opera "M" premiered at the Komische Oper in Berlin. Now, on May 31, 2019, we expect the world premiere of his work "Hierarchy" for 2 ensembles in Erfurt. The performers are the via nova ensemble and the ensemble Black Pencil.
Only so much is betrayed in advance: The musicians act independently and move around the room, guided by audio commands via headphones.

The composer comments:

"It's a very unusual piece. The musicians have headphones, with which they get 'orders' for various actions. Here they move through the entire space of the Kunsthalle Erfurt (without a conductor), which has three levels. There is also a kind of 'story': The musicians start at the deepest level and then spread through the room to the very top, creating a 'hierarchy'. In the middle of the piece, all come together on the middle level and there is a kind of 'fight' that redistributes the roles, so that at the end some say 'down', others 'up'. Every instrument has a "soloistic" moment sometime in the play. The pace is individual and free. The length is just over 10 minutes ...
It is also unusual that the piece can be performed in free line-up by 5-10 musicians, so it does not have to play the whole ensemble."

UA Moritz Eggert,
"Hierarchy" for 2 ensembles
(via nova ensemble, Ensemble Black Pencil)

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