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World premiere in Vienna of Gerald Reschs Con moto for ensemble

On 8th May 2019, the Ensemble Wiener Collage premieres the new ensemble piece "Con moto" for clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, accordion, piano, violin and double bass by the Austrian composer Gerald Resch.

The composer comments on the composition with the following words:

"'Con Moto' (Italian, with Movement') is a study about getting started and maintaining different patterns of movement.
The first movement works - after a short canonical introduction, in which the melodic-harmonic material of the composition is shown - with small patterns that shift against each other. Above all, the multiple change from two to three-time screenings provides a lively mood.
Shortly after the culminating point of the first sentence, the second sentence immediately follows. A regular series of harmonies is repeated several times, at the beginning of which very slow melodies, which become faster and faster in the course of the movement, are derived, which bring about a so-called 'upward' effect.
The third movement begins with a compact, deep four-part mixture sound in a specific rhythmic articulation. Both the interval content and the rhythmic order are permuted, so that the sentence begins to turn around itself to a certain extent. This process is accompanied by a rise and fall in the sound space and a louder and quieter.
In the last movement, small ascending melody fragments separate from ascending scale movements. Although several insertions interrupt the 'drive' of the movement, the dance-like particles keep getting stuck. In a grotesque cadenza, in which the piano is played in the form of a chessboard in the interior, all the interfering elements overlap, before the music condenses into a stretta-like final passage (with a 'walking bass' line of the double bass).

UA Gerald Resch,
"Con moto" for ensemble
(Ensemble Wiener Collage)

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