Book about Galina Ustvolskaya by MUSIK KONZEPTE

A book about the composer Galina Ustvolskaya, who died in 2006, will be released in January as part of the series “MUSIK KONZEPTE.” In the opinion of Ulrich von Tadday, editor of this volume made up of individual contributions, one could describe the life and work of this composer as reclusive and not adjusted. There is, at any rate, a strange gap between the composer’s general level of fame and close knowledge of her music – a gap that one could call the “Ustvolskaya Myth.” “Neither the further enchantment of the composer nor the cramped, critical disenchantment of her myth is of true scholarly interest. Only the sober observation and analysis of this music, the secrets of which have not yet by any means been disclosed, deserves our attention.”

Musik-Konzepte 143

New Issue, ed. Ulrich Tadday

Galina Ustvolskaya

90 pages

ISBN 978-3-88377-999-7