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Munich Flute Ensemble to Perform the Polish Premiere of Johannes X. Schachtners Stundande Natten II

The Munich Flute Ensemble will perform Johannes X. Schachtner’s “Stundande Natten II” for seven flutes on 7 April 2019 in Poznań, the work’s first performance in Poland.

Commenting on the reworking of his piece, originally written in 2010/2011 for two oboes and a French horn, Johannes X. Schachtner says,

“My work ‘Stundande Natten’ is a reference to the novel of the same name by the Swedish writer Carl Henning Wijkmark, who was also a resident fellow at the Villa Concordia while I was there for a year. The original version was written for two oboes and a French horn in March 2010 shortly after I read the novel, which describes the process of dying from a first-person perspective. The creative spark for this ‘elegy’, which I extended into “Stundande Natten II” for eight flutes, was the following text from the last part of the book: “I close my eyes, think of nothing, have no pain. Then I feel a cool movement of air on my cheek, an unknown scent, a soft touch. When I look up, a bat is clinging to the ceiling in a far corner. It is outside the light but I can see its eyes watching me from the deep set sockets of its skull-like face. Its visit moves me, I am moved without mourning or fear, my eyes well up with tears; [...]. A dense and unreal feeling, a little bit sentimental but apt. The being up there has evoked it, quietly and attentively. It is a friendly being from another sphere; it seeks no protection, it protects. I go back to sleep, calm and secure.”
(Quotation: Carl Henning Wijkmark: Stundande Natten. - Matthes& Seitz, Berlin, first published in German 2009/ Page 138/ German translation: Paul Berf)“

This work was recently released as part of the CD album “Flute News” by NEOS (NEOS 11819-20).

Polish premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner,                                   
“Stundande natten II“ for flute ensemble
(Münchner Flötenensemble)

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