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European premiere of Alexander Raskatovs violin concerto In excelsis in Amsterdam

Maria Milstein is the soloist in the European premiere of Alexander Raskatov's violin concerto "In excelsis" on March 30, 2019 in Amsterdam as part of the concert series Zaterdag Matinée. The Radio Filharmonisch Orkest will be conducted by Otto Tausk.
The work dates from 2008 and was created on the occasion of the 400th birthday of the famous Amati violin from 1608 by the violinist Emanuel Borok, who was also the premiere soloist. Alexander Raskatov tries to grasp the historical development of violin music musically in the five movements of the Violin Concerto.

Alexander Raskatov describes the individual sentences in English as follows:

I. “Cantillation” corresponds to the period of the origin of the instrument – ancient Jewish synagogical chants. This movement has a quasi-oriental atmosphere.

II. “Perpetuum mobile” is based on a certain rhythmic pattern, which consists of permanently shortened measures.

III. “Shadows”. Here I have concentrated all ‘quasi-quotation material’ concerning the history of the violin: from the Baroque period – to Viennese Classicism – to a quasi-Romantic period – to the period of the Second Viennese School. And then … Abyss.

IV. “Yellow Stars” does not need special comments. The violin here appears as “a crying soul” deploring the great tragedy in 20th century Jewish history.

V. “In excelsis”. The violin is the highest instrument of the orchestra. Therefore the title of this movement and of the concerto has a double sense: freedom from suffering and the attainment of the highest register.

Foto des Komponisten: (c) Marie France Plissard

Eur. First performance 
Alexander Raskatov,                                  
„In excelsis“ ffor violin and orchestra
(Maria Milstein, violin                                      
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest; Cond.: Otto Tausk)
- Zaterdag Matinée -

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