World Premiere of Peter Ruzickas BENJAMIN SYMPHONY in Frankfurt Main

On 3 June 2018, Peter Ruzicka’s “Benjamin” received its world premiere in Hamburg’s Staatsoper, garnering much international attention and almost universal praise in the media. It was also performed at the Theater Heidelberg on 9 February 2019 in a production directed by Ingo Kerkhof.
In creating this multi-layered piece, Ruzicka and the brilliant librettist Yona Kim focussed on the personality and milieu of the cultural philosopher Walter Benjamin, rather than on his life story. Benjamin became an adherent of Marxism via dialectic materialism; his Arcades Project collated an almost unfathomable wealth of historical-philosophical writings, aphorisms and insights.  The orchestral interludes take on an important role in the piece and have been rearranged by Peter Ruzicka for “Benjamin Symphony”.
In its review of the opera’s premiere, the national daily DIE WELT wrote: “The opera develops its full power during a number of orchestral interludes. During these, the enormous choir gains importance while the masterfully varied orchestral work uses all expressive components available, from nervous string flageolets to explosively violent elements from the brass section. In the fifth episode, presaging Benjamin’s inevitable catastrophe, Ruzicka even offers a reworking of the fourth sketch for his first opera, “Celan”.”
On 29 March 2019, Ruzicka’s“Benjamin Symphony” will receive its premiere in Frankfurt am Main played by the hr Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the composer. The vocal soloists will be Lini Gong (soprano) and Thomas E Bauer (baritone).

Photo: (c) Grafenegg, 2019

Frankfurt Main       
World Premiere of Peter Ruzicka’s “Benjamin Symphony”
(Lini Gong, soprano, Thomas E Bauer, baritone    
hr Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Peter Ruzicka)