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Marius Felix Lange: New Production of Snow White at the Leipzig Opera House

First performed on 21 April 2011 in Cologne, Marius Felix Lange’s “Snow White” features a libretto by the composer that retells the famous story in a delightfully imaginative way while retaining the central themes of the Grimm Brothers’ classic tale. Lange supplements the story’s well-known cast of characters with likeable, quirky roles such as a court underling and a forest dweller. As workers and craftspeople, the Seven Dwarves have each been given their own individual talents. One of them is, echoing the original story, a miner, while the other six include a jewellery maker, a blacksmith, a glass blower, a carpenter and an inventor.In Lange’s version, it is the various talents of the Seven Dwarves that save Snow White’s life.
The production at the Leipzig Opera House was headed by Patrick Rohbeck, with the performance taking place on the venue’s main stage. Although the opera was written for solo instruments, the strings were given a choral arrangement. The music was played by Leipzig’s Gewandhausorchester.

Leipzig Opera House           
Marius Felix Lange,       
Opera “Snow White”       
(Producer: Patrick Rohbeck   
Gewandhausorchester Leipzig)

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