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World premiere of Werner Heiders Stations for oboe and orchestra in Erlangen

The pianist, conductor and composer Werner Heider (born 1930) has already written twelve instrumental concertos. However, the new work "Stations" for oboe and orchestra, which will be premiered on February 25, 2019 in Erlangen by Valentin Krämer (oboe) and the Camerata Franconia under the direction of Dorian Keilhack, is quite something special.
The composer calls the work above all in its third movement as an emphatically rhythmic piece. "Basically, I can not really call the piece a concert," says Werner Heider, "because the orchestra plays no accompanying role compared to the solo instrument. There is a constant dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra. "
Heider gave the three movements of the "stations" extra-musical titles, but he does not comment further:
1. Plan
2. Styxx
3. Liberation

UA Werner Heider,
"Stations" for oboe and orchestra "
(Valentin Krämer, Oboe
Camerata Franconia, Cond .: Dorian Keilhack)

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