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Jüri Reinvere composes opera Minona for Regensburg

The Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere has received a composition commission from the Regensburg Theatre for 2020, the 250th anniversary of Beethovens birthday. Jüri Reinvere will compose an opera entitled "Minona".

The composer explains:
"The Theater Regensburg has commissioned me to write a new opera based on my own libretto. It will be called 'Minona'. It's about Minona von Stackelberg (1813-1897), who was born and died in Vienna, but spent more than twenty years of her youth in Reval, my birthplace Tallinn. There is strong evidence, but no firm evidence that she was the daughter of Ludwig van Beethoven and Josephine von Stackelberg, his alleged 'immortal lover'. Therefore, my opera is to open the anniversary year for the 250th birthday of Beethoven in Regensburg 2020, according to the wishes of director Jens von Neundorff von Enzberg.
For almost a year now, I have consulted with the Beethovenhaus Bonn and with internationally renowned Beethoven researchers, who have been studying the fate of Minona for decades. In the summer I was able to see documents in Estonian archives that had not been used for almost sixty years and were long inaccessible to Beethoven researcher. Now I'm in the midst of an exciting work about a woman who came from a broken marriage, died without an own family, and always lived under the shadow of Beethoven. To my great joy, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation has just decided to support my composition. "

Photo: Minona von Stackelberg (1813-1897)

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